Who We Are


Our Vision

Dignity and Integrity of the African


Promoting Sustainability and Self Reliance.

Mission Statement

We mobilize resources that add value and transform communities through domestic driven economic solutions, while building capacity through provision of free prior informed consent (FPIC), to establish bottom up participation and consultation of a community prior, to land development and use of resources within the community’s territory.

Our Slogan; Value Added Investment Platforms, we are devolving corporate boardroom solutions.

Santiza International, is a private financial and projects development firm, that has taken up the Government’s challenge, within the Vision 2030, to mobilize and supply resources for investment (not only in financial terms, but also in terms of capacity to utilize financial resources efficiently and to initiate, coordinate and manage complex interventions) in development of Isiolo into a local and international commercial, logistical and operational hub, with the Isiolo town, being converted from a market outpost into a Railway Junction. The Isiolo project is a component of the Lamu – Isiolo – Juba & Addis Ababa Transport Corridor, which is itself the Kenyan portion of the Lamu Douala Economic Development Super Corridor.
We have since the third quarter of 2006, undertaken the necessary groundwork and networking with the local community and the then Isiolo County Council. The Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) of the then Ministry of Finance (MoF), approved and given greenlight facilitation and administrative agency to our investment proposal pertaining to investments in Isiolo County.
The Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) of the Ministry of Finance in objective agreement with our investment initiative, as a benefit to and “locking down”, Isiolo County’s emergent investment, financial and corporate needs: as the nation navigated into a new constitutional dispensation. KenInvest purposively approved our private sector initiative pertaining to the Isiolo Resort City Project, as a Domestic Direct Imperative (DDI). KenInvest, upon scrutiny and analysis of our investment program, with resolute intent, dubbed it the ‘Isiolo Integrated and Planned Hub (II&PH)’.
Santiza International’s overarching development goal is to invest in communities to enable them to overcome poverty, achieve sustainability and resilient livelihoods, through infrastructure and value chains developments. Our approach is of regional spread backed with a wide global network of investors and development partners.