Our Focus

Our focus has been to mobilize funds and resources for investment in the communities along the LAPSSET corridor, strengthening of the quality of Isiolo County programmes through innovation, knowledge-sharing, partnerships and policy engagement. Our paradigm is to deliver

 development results in a cost-effective way that best responds to the communities evolving needs. We have worked towards building the capacity, productivity and market participation of the communities by identifying viable economic activities that spur sustainability, while creating linkages between and among the identified economic activities to unlock economic potential, hence making the communities more functional through jobs created by the identified economic activities. 
Santiza International’s overarching development goal is to invest in communities to enable them to overcome poverty, achieve sustainability and resilient livelihoods, through infrastructure and value chains developments. We have just completed pre-feasibility study for a 3MW off grid mini solar project in Isiolo County as a pilot, with other similar infrastructure activities slated for other communities along the corridor, with the second pilot in Toposa across the Kenya South Sudan border. Our approach is of regional spread backed with a wide global network of investors and development partners.