A Trade and Development International Centre

This Centre will house an international institution, a proposed Trade and Development Bank, to be established as a private sector initiative, spearheaded by the G-77 Chambers of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), with the objective of accelerating economic development and promoting higher standards of living within the G-77 member states. The feasibility study for the Bank was done by the G77 Committee of Experts, chaired by the Kenya Commercial Bank, and financed by the Kenya Govern-
ment – as the nominated host of the Headquarters of the Bank. The Trade and Development International Centre will underwrite, and serve as the visible anchor for, the integrated planning and development of Isiolo, as a regional and international, commercial, logistical and operational hub. The rationale for Isiolo’s development dovetails into the ongoing development of Lamu Port and the infrastructural links with Addis Ababa, Juba, and beyond. Isiolo as a hub will depend on throughput to and from Lamu Port, and by complement, the Port of Mombasa.